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This Coffee Shop Will Ruin all other Coffee Shops for you, Forever


Welcome to Proto, The World's First Build Bar

The Protobuildbar has a great selection of coffee, beer, and lite fare- but also features something amazing.

A fucking 3D printing workshop.

From their website: "We envision a future, not that far from now, where every home has a 3D printer and the majority of the things we want or need, from household products and tech gadgets to snack food (yes, food too), will be created on-demand at the push of a button."

Print existing pieces, or create your own

"If you’re feeling a little more adventurous we can help you scan an existing object (like your buddy’s head), create a file and print. You can bring your own model from home or you can use one of our computers and 3D software to design a unique creation all your own."

Everything you need

Each bench is fully equipped with a digital solder station, power supply, laptop and a full set of small electronics hand tools.

Make it come to life

"Getting started in small electronics and micro-computers is way easier than you might think—and it’s surprisingly fun and rewarding to see something you wired, coded or assembled come to life electrically."
Photo Credit: Redditor korjax