What Happens When you Drink 16 Espresso Shots of Death Wish Coffee

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

 "Overdose is such a negative word, let's just call it a caffeine adventure."

Special thanks to redditor Dwizzle252 for doing this.

"I made 16 shots of death wish coffee, after seeing the post about the woman who ordered a 16 shot americano.

I guess I'll add a little art first.

It's too late to go back now...

Ya, to make matters worse I had Chipotle last night and taco bell today... Shit, what have I done!

Here is a rundown of how things went down.

20min- Had slight difficulty making post due to shakiness

1hr- Feel like I'm vibrating, heading to work

4hr- Need things to do, or else I go crazy, start coming off coffee high


7hr- Last couple hours my body feels like jello, especially my arms.

Strength regained at end of 7th hour.

 Overall it was a cool experience, and I liked to see your comments. When I was on caffeine I felt like one of those people blow up wavy things that you see outside car dealerships. After caffeine I felt like how you feel after you go to lift. The whole experience felt like blowing up a balloon and letting it go... Also those concerned about the state of my bowels, they have been fine so far."
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