This Christmas tree is worth $15 million dollars

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This Christmas tree in Spain is decked out with diamonds, designer jewelry, and more

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia, near Marbella, Spain will surely make guests and visitors to the hotel see green this year – with envy or greed.  This is not the giving tree, folks.

A glamorous Christmas tree that's decorated with diamonds, sapphires, and more.
Photo: CNN

This extravagant Christmas tree is loaded with diamonds, precious stones and designer jewelry and worth $15 million, CNN reports. It also is adorned with upcycled jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chanel, 3D-printed chocolate peacocks, feathers, ostrich eggs and bottles of perfume.

This isn’t the first Christmas Tree to be decked in decadence, either.

In 2010, The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi trimmed its tree in bracelets, necklaces and watches — costing $11 million greenbacks and winning it a Guinness World Record for most expensively decorated tree.

Tokyo jewelers Ginza Tanaka displayed a Christmas tree in 2016 made from 4,000 feet of gold wire, worth an estimated 1.8 million.

These trees don’t just “make the season bright,” they also make it sparkle and shine in absolute audacity.

Even Mariah Carey rolls up in the expensive holiday spirit of selecting two different versions of the same item – one more expensive than the other, as she is asked to pick her favorites. Guess which side of the coin she leaned towards most of the time in this game she played with Cosmopolitan?

And you thought your neighbors’ lights were too much.

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