Coffee The Best Hangover Cure.

We've all be there right? Well this is the feeling you usually get when your weekend involves a lot of drinking, which can lead to millions of people having really bad hangovers. Your throat gets raspy, you’re so thirsty, and your head hurts as if someone kicked you in the brain. Yikes!

Here’s the deal to help relieve the hangover: drink a cup of coffee, but not just any coffee. The World's Strongest Coffee. Death Wish. 

Alcohol produces acetate which gives you headaches. When you drink more alcohol than your body can handle, not only do you get drunk, but you also end up with a massive headache several hours after the imbibing occurred.

Caffeine from coffee can block the acetate, therefore relieving your hangover headache.

So the next time you feel like this. Drink copious amount of caffeine to bounce back.

Hey, it’s worth a try, right? See if it works for you next time you’re dealing with a hangover. One cup of Death Wish should do the trick.