Your 2021 Virgo Horoscope

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The Perfectionism of a Virgo

Symbolized by the Virgin, Virgos are naturally obsessed with purity and the ever-unattainable state of perfection. Until they learn to go easy on themselves, perfection will be their guide and their ruin, their goal and their worst enemy. 

Virgos’ love for all things pure is perhaps the clearest in how they take their coffee. While the average Joe would find a cup of coffee brewed from hand-selected beans harvested moments ago far too fresh and bitter, Virgos will specifically request it and probably ask you at least three times over to verify that’s what they’re drinking. Infamous coffee snobs, they’ll select the beans, grind them to perfection, brew them with water of the “correct” temperate in a pour over for the allotted time. 

Virgo—August 23 - September 22, 2021

A man holding a Virgo coffee mug and pouring a Death Wish Coffee cold brew into it.

As an earth sign, Virgos are deeply connected to the source of their coffee and the process taken to reach their mug. While Virgos’ pickiness may be difficult to encounter before your first cup of coffee, their meticulous nature does come from a good place. They take care in knowing all of their choices are both good for the environment and for themselves. For this reason, Virgo is often drawn to coffees that are organic and Fair Trade certified.

Luckily, a good cup of coffee brings Virgo back down to earth. Virgos loves coffee for its ability to enhance their attention to detail and knack for organization. And to every non-Virgo’s benefit, a little bit of coffee will have Virgos vacuuming every room in the house, reorganizing the closets, doing the dishes, and finishing the laundry all before they’ve even finished their first cup.

Ruled by the Planet of Mercury, your Virgo pals will be adept at systems, organization and a certain kind of clean-freakishness that is both impressive and alarming. They could very well live in a messy walk-up apartment, but they still know exactly where everything is and may insist you remove your shoes in favor of utilitarian slippers they have so thoughtfully provided. They’re not optional.

Just as Virgos like to keep their outer environment clean and tidy, they keep the order of their inner environment the same. As the ruler of digestion, Virgo symbolically and literally governs over keeping the mind and body clear of waste. After ingesting their first morning cup, imbibing their daily dose of divine wisdom, you may find Virgos on their throne, imbued by a rush of caffeine, releasing all excess from their brain and bowels.

Virgo Symbols:

  • Domicile: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Green + Brown
  • Bodily Zone: Belly, intestines
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Opposition: Pisces
  • Symbols: The Virgin, the Harvest, Estrella, The High Priestess Card in Tarot
  • Constellation: The Virgin
  • DWC Habit: Original Dark Roast, just black.
  • Your People: Beyonce, Freddie Mercury, John Mulaney, Misty Copeland, Prince Harry, Amy Winehouse, Mother Theresa, Kobe Bryant, Blake Lively, Zendaya

When we look to the stars and planets, they are sure to lead us to coffee. At Death Wish Coffee Co. we celebrate all twelve star signs of the zodiac and how coffee connects them to the universe. Buckle up for your caffeinated quest through the stars. And keep your eyes peeled each month for astrology-inspired merch

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