Your 2021 Taurus Horoscope

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Bull-Headed + Cool with it 

For Taurus, coffee is a food group that is indulged in all daya treat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between. Seriously, Taurus, slip the coffee pot under your hoodie and just take the whole thing. You deserve it. 

As an Earth sign, Taurus drinks coffee to find a center and feel grounded. In every place, Taurus feels surrounded in comfort, and having a coffee within arm’s reach at all times is the highest form of Taurus self-care. 

TaurusApr. 20-May 20, 2021 

A blonde woman standing in a field wearing a black and white Taurus t-shirt and large sunglasses.

As a collector at heart, Taurus coffee lovers will have a passion for collecting mugs. Every mug is a representation of who they are, and they truly delight in just being surrounded by their collection, spending time admiring, feather dusting, and whispering “you’re the favorite” to each and every one. But most of all, Taureans value practical pleasure, and you’ll know their absolute favorite because it’s the mug they’re drinking from. For Taurus, it’s all about function over form. 

In medical astrology, the sign of Taurus rules the throat. They want their voices to be heard, and coffee fuels their need to speak their mind. Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. They would give up coffee for good before losing an argument, but their natural ability to stand up for what they believe in also makes them your most loyal and dependable friend.

Taurus Symbols 

  • Domicile: Venus 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Color: Dark Green 
  • Bodily Zone: Neck, throat, lower jaw, lower brain 
  • Mode: Fixed 
  • Opposition: Scorpio 
  • Symbols: The bull, green, fertility 
  • DWC Habit: Dark Roast + Chemex Pour Over 
  • Your people: Bill Shakespeare, Sid Vicious, Adele, James Brown, Lizzo, Bettie Page, Wes Anderson, Cher 

When we look to the stars and planets, they are sure to lead us to coffee. At Death Wish Coffee Co. we celebrate all twelve star signs of the zodiac and how coffee connects them to the universe. Buckle up for your caffeinated quest through the stars. And keep your eyes peeled each month for astrology-inspired merch.  

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