Your 2021 Cancer Horoscope

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Crabs who Just Want to Hug

For Cancers, the smell of coffee wafting through the air is the smell of home. The smell alone can bring back memories of the first time they tried coffee as a kid. This emotional connection makes passing down coffee rituals from their family and loved ones important to Cancers. This could be enjoying a hot cup of coffee from an inherited mug or using the beat-up, old coffee grinder from their grandparents once used.

The Cancer zodiac sign will always carry out these traditions with love and care. They’ll wake up before everyone else to brew up a big pot of coffee for their family every Sunday morning and will never miss their weekly coffee and catch-up date with a friend. Coffee brings Cancers close to the people they love.

Cancer—June 21-July 22, 2021

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Nurturing others comes naturally to the Cancer zodiac. They will always bring you a cup of coffee before they’ve poured their own. They like to take things slow, taking the time to add a little extra love into every step of their coffee-making routine. Rush their process or neglect to show Cancers your appreciation, and you may end up with a hot cup of their tears instead of coffee.

Cancers are emotional beings. They know coffee as a warm hug that can fix any feeling. Coffee is nourishment for their soul that gives them the energy to take care of others, filling your soul as they fill your cup.  

Cancer Symbols

  • Domicile: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Color: Silver or light blue
  • Bodily Zone: Breast, lower lungs, womb when pregnant
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Opposition: Capricorn
  • Symbols: Ocean, the mother, the crab
  • Constellation: The Crab
  • DWC Habit: Two mugs full of Medium Roast.  
  • Your people: Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Ken Jeong, Saweetie, Frida Kahlo, Robin Williams, Mike Tyson. 

When we look to the stars and planets, they are sure to lead us to coffee. At Death Wish Coffee Co. we celebrate all twelve star signs of the zodiac and how coffee connects them to the universe. Buckle up for your caffeinated quest through the stars. And keep your eyes peeled each month for astrology-inspired merch

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