Your 2021-22 Capricorn Horoscope

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Capricorn—December 22 – January 19, 2022  

Coffee? More like productivity juice. Capricorns love of coffee is quantified by each cup’s ability to help them get sh*t done. Capricorns drink coffee to improve productivity, increase workload capacity, and speed up performance. They are the robots that do your job better and faster than you and are programmed to tell funnier jokes than you.  

Capricorns work hard so they can play harder. They skydive into work every morning and when asked why they don’t just take the highway, they’ll reply with a straight face, “Coffee made me do it.” This extreme approach to work and play is matched by their extreme intake of strong coffee. Caffeine keeps a Capricorn’s wheels turning.  

A female wearing a black and white t-shirt with a Capricorn design and holding a pile of books and a Capricorn mug.

The G.O.A.T. 

Capricorns reach for the most efficient way to get caffeine coursing through their veins. If they could pump it directly into their bloodstream, they would. Instead, their logistic sensibilities lean more towards the convenience and speed of death cups, Medium Roast to be exact. Unless you’re picking them up coffee to help them conquer the massive workload they’re carrying, then they’re not picky. 

With coffee in hand, Capricorns know exactly where they’re headed and are easily able to see their long-term vision. Their coffee-to-creamer ratio is as precisely measured as their time and resources, leading them to execute their mission every single time. 

Capricorn  Symbols 

  • Domicile: Saturn 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Color: Gray 
  • Bodily Zone: Spine, things that harden, skin 
  • Mode: Cardinal 
  • Opposition: Cancer 
  • Symbols: Time, karma, sea goat, twin-peaked mountains, underground, managing resources through the winter  
  • Constellation: Capricornus 
  • DWC Habit: Medium Roast Death Cups 
  • Your People: LeBron James, Diane Keaton, Bradley Cooper, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Steven Hawking, Timothée Chalamet, Dolly Parton, Will Critcher 

When we look to the stars and planets, they are sure to lead us to coffee. At Death Wish Coffee Co. we celebrate all twelve star signs of the zodiac and how coffee connects them to the universe. Buckle up for your caffeinated quest through the stars. And keep your eyes peeled each month for astrology-inspired merch. 

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