The Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Collab is Here

By Megan Dority — / Lifestyle

At Death Wish Coffee, we fuel people’s passions + purposes. We give them the strength they need to get through their night shift at the hospital, to wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym—all before their daily grind begins. Bottom line? Life’s a b*tch and coffee’s a must.

While it’s true that life can be tough, we have to remember all we can be proud of. Our bodies are our vessels that fuel us every day to get sh*t done—even the sh*ttiest sh*t. We found a company that respects these gainz just as much as we do.

A man lifting weights wearing a tee with a skull and man reaper lifting a sythe.

Meet Kinda Fit Kinda Fat—an apparel company that recognizes that a body, is a body, is a body. It gets you through life—and what that body looks like is not as important as what that body can conquer. Whether that be a new PR lifting weights, being able to put two feet on the ground, typing magical words on a keyboard or lifting that mug of the World’s Strongest Coffee to your thirsty lips.

Death Wish Coffee and Kinda Fit Kinda Fat are here to fuel your gainz. Because we both accept the fact that a body is just that—a body. And that’s exactly why we collaborated with KFKF, a company that’s not afraid to pair their deadlifts with donuts and coffee. We worked together to create a tee for the bold, the strong and the ones who break boundaries.

At the end of the day, we’re a community. A community that feels bold in their own skin and wherever they are in the journey of life. We brew coffee that is highly caffeinated, Fair Trade and organic—because we know your body needs top-notch fuel to get you through. And we collaborate with like-minded rebels like Kinda Fit Kinda Fat because we both strive to provide our communities with high-quality products to achieve your goals.

It's called "balance." Shop the tee, hit the gym and crush cans of latte. 

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