Sweet Scoops of Death Wish Dreams

By Audrey Kallenberger — / Lifestyle

Coffee Ice Cream Recipes

July might be our favorite month because it’s full of some of the most delectable snacks ever created. First there was National Donut Day on July 3, then the Fourth of July grilling season happened, and this Sunday, July 18, marks the day that makes us emit a deep, dark Death Wish scream: NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!! Sorry, we’ll stop screaming.

The first tastes of ice cream can be traced back to a buffalo milk-based recipe (interesting...) from China in 700 A.D., and Caesar would request fresh mountain snow topped with juices during the height of the Roman Empire. In 1660, Marco Polo brought a recipe resembling sherbet back from the Far East, and the United States encountered ice cream when the New York Gazette ran an ad for the dessert in 1777. Fast forward a few hundred years, and Americans actually lead the world in ice cream consumption: We consume 23 gallons a year of that sweet, creamy treat.

While everyone screams for ice cream, we’re not sure they fully grasp the joys and jolts of pairing ice cream with the World’s Strongest Coffee. Life hack: You can substitute a spoonful, or scoop, of ice cream in place of milk or creamer—it’s called being resourceful. Let us fill your cup with some other buzzworthy sips and scoops.

The Other Kind of Pour Over

Traditionally made with Italian gelato, you can make an affogato with any ice cream.

Italian for “to drown,” an affogato consists of drowning your favorite ice cream, or even sorbet, in hot coffee or espresso.

Coffee Crunch

You don’t have to brew coffee to get your fix: just sprinkle it on. Top any ice cream you like with a generous dusting of fresh ground coffee for a bold, crunchy, highly caffeinated treat.

Canned Bliss

Wanna get extra wild on the sweet stuff? Top your favorite ice cream with a heavy pour of our canned Cold Brew or Latte—this is no-doubt the most delicious way to take down your longest to-do list.

Ok, we’re off to get a scoop of coffee ice cream and top it with our canned Latte and lead the world’s crusade against decaf. How will you enjoy ice cream today?  

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