Strong Coffee and New Year’s Resolutions

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Coffee-Inspired Resolutions  

If you’ve been struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, it might be time to focus on things that really matter in your life—like coffee. Those arbitrary resolutions you made that feel restrictive and make you kind of sad probably aren’t worth it. Coffee, on the other hand, is worth everything. In fact, maybe some coffee goals would do you good. 

What? You disagree? Do you believe your New Year’s resolutions are the answer to all your problems? Here’s a look at how drinking strong coffee is a way better choice than any of the unrealistic goals you might try to stick to in the new year. 

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New Year’s Resolutions to Ditch 

Getting up in the morning is bad enough, but waking up and guilting yourself into pursuing some overachieving goal can be even worse. The following resolutions are the worst of the worst. 

The New Fad Diet 

Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t try the new fad diet you saw on social media. You’ll be sad and stressed, and stress is worse for your health than eating a slice of bread. A little bread here and there isn’t going to hurt you. 

No matter what, your new diet is probably fleeting, but coffee is forever. 

30 Days Without Caffeine 

Do we even have to explain this one? It’s just horrible on so many levels. 

High caffeine coffee is life. Death to decaf coffee. 

Connecting With Old Friends 

If you drifted so far apart from someone and you make a goal of reaching out to old friends, it’s probably not worth it. Childhood friends don’t always have to be your adult friends too. And your co-worker from five years ago most likely doesn’t want to hear from you anyway. 

Your real friends get coffee with you every weekend. It doesn’t feel like a struggle or a goal. It’s simple. 

Strong Coffee Resolutions to Try Instead 

Now that you’ve grasped how awful even the most well-meaning New Year’s resolutions can be, it’s safe to say the choice to give them up shows your wisdom and maturity. 

Now, it’s time to set some more rewarding coffee resolutions instead. 

Try a New Brew Method 

Your standard drip coffee maker is fine, but there are many other ways to brew coffee: Chemex, Gooseneck Kettle, French press, single-serve, pour-over. Give them a whirl, and your coffee might taste better than ever. 

Drink USDA Certified Organic Coffee

Organic doesn’t mean fancy. It means your coffee was sourced the right way. It’s probably the best New Year’s Goal anyone could ever have. 

Drink Fair Trade Coffee 

Fair Trade coffee means that the coffee growers and producers are paid higher than the commodity price of coffee, bringing them closer to earning a sustainable living.  

Each cup of coffee that is sealed with that fancy (and important) Fair Trade Certified seal means a better future for the farmers who grew the beans you drink. Death Wish Coffee is always sourced ethically, sustainably and is 100% USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. 

Don’t Be a Coffee Wuss 

Drink good, strong coffee. Don’t be a wuss and drink that weak, flavorless stuff. There are some great-tasting coffees out there that can fill your mug with the most caffeine coffee could possibly deliver, and that’s sure to give anyone a serious kick in the pants. 

You were probably convinced to ditch those lackluster New Year’s resolutions with the first mention of strong coffee, but all those coffee resolutions just reinforced your decision. You can always set better goals, coffee-related or not. Maybe try to prioritize a balanced and healthy lifestyle, try new foods, call your every once in a while or wake up earlier (just kidding—who needs to wake up earlier?). 

No matter what, you can find the perfect place for strong coffee in your New Year’s festivities. You might as well give up everything else. It could be the best decision you ever made. 

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