9 Stranger Things GIFS About Coffee

By Shannon Sweeney — / Lifestyle

Caffeinated "Stranger Things" GIFS 

Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper once said, "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation." And we couldn't agree more. To celebrate the release of "Stranger Things" season 4 on Netflix, we compiled some of our favorite GIFS over the seasons that describe how we feel about coffee (don't worry, no season 4 spoilers). 

When someone says I should cut back on coffee.


When my coffee pot is empty but my friend said "they didn't drink any."


When someone attempts to talk to me before I've had coffee.


When someone asks, "Is decaf OK?"


When someone says they love coffee and then drown it in cream and sugar.  


When I wake up to the sound of my coffee maker brewing.

When the caffeine withdrawal hits. 


What I really look like when I don't have coffee. 


When the coffee kicks in and so do my superpowers.


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