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This is the world's creepiest coffee mug

By Sierra Meisser

If you thought the idea of drinking a coffee called “Death Wish” was scary, you should probably close your eyes before scrolling any further. For every fan of zombies, vampires, horror, or gore — or if you're a collector of all things creepy —you should probably add this horrifying coffee mug to your collection. An artist by the name of Turkey Merck is the maker of the world’s creepiest coffee mugs.

A man holding a creepy zombie mug over his face.

These custom art mugs are bound to tickle the terror of any coffee drinker. Every mug made by Turkey Merck is hand-crafted, custom glazed and then fired multiple times in a kiln. With the hours of time and hand-detailing that goes into every single mug, the result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Each mug comes with its own unique characteristics, and no two are exactly the same.

The icing on the bloody guts cake? These pieces of art are totally functional, and dishwasher and microwave safe. You can enjoy every drop of coffee out of your horrifying mug and frighten everyone around you at the same time. But hey — we know this highly collectible item comes at a high price. If you’re lucky enough to score a Turkey Merck mug, it’s a beautiful, gory collectible to add to your curio cabinet, too.

If you’re hoping to score the next Turkey Merck mug, you better hop on his mailing list. His mugs are crafted in small quantities and sell out within minutes of being released.

Coffee drinkers beware, though. Once you get your hands on a Turkey Merck mug, it’s guaranteed to release the monster inside you. The only thing scarier than this mug might is running out of coffee to drink from it. 

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