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Meet the DWC Drinking Buddies

As heavy (coffee) drinkers, we know that the World’s Strongest Coffee requires a proper drinking vessel. And unless we’re grabbing a Grim Reaper-style roadie while we carpe that diem, we almost always reach for a ceramic mug. To be honest, mugs just give you a hand when you need it most—a handful of coffee, of course.

Mug of Choice

What mug you choose to wrap your hands around really depends on the drinking experience you want to have—are you feeling fancy or keeping it low-key? Whatever the mood, you can feel good when you tip your cup: All of our mugs are made in the USA from the highest-quality materials we can find.  

The Collector

We’ve been making “collectors” for a long time, even if we haven’t been calling them that. These Collectors are numbered, one-of-a-kind designs to handle with care and cherish ‘til death do you part. These mugs love a theme partybut collectibles can’t party hard.

Always made by hand and in the USA, our Collector Mugs are made for special coffee dates or showing off in a display case. Think of our Donut Day or Gateway Mugs—we love the heavy-hitting style, but we may not drink out of it every day. We would rather spoil it, caress it, show it off and take it down off the highest shelf to fill with coffee for a special guest, on our birthday or during the holidays. Chef’s kiss—you get it. 

A tan and white coffee mug with a donut mug medallion design and white sprinkled glaze.

The Daily 

The mug formerly known as “diner-style. Our Daily Mugs are made to be day-to-day coffee vessels—to fill and refill with an abyss of coffee, until you die. We like having plenty of these in our cabinets for daily (i.e. hourly) coffee breaks, sipping the strong stuff on the back patio and even leaving a couple at the office. 

Think of our Zodiac or Death to Weak Coffee Mugs—these babies are staples for any coffee-lover. And while our Daily Mugs are unique DWC designs, they’re not as exclusive as the numbered Collector designs, so you won’t cry ugly tears à la Kardashians if you break one while doing dishes (look, we know how it is). These are your main-hang mugs. 

A woman holding a black and white Aries mug and pouring a canned latte in it.

No matter which style you prefer, we highly recommend hand-washing our mugs so they last until your dying days. And we recommend only filling them with the World's Strongest Coffee—which is available for subscription on our website, by the way. #neverrunout 

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