June 2022 Releases

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Death Wish Coffee Deals, Releases and Resurrections 

June Gloom? Never met her. Summer is right around the corner—if not, it’s already here. It’s officially iced coffee season, and we’re berry pumped about it. We’ve got a boatload of rad, new stuff just in time for summer.  

Baked Goods and Coffee

A father carrying his daughter on her shoulders while he feeds him a Blueberry Donut and she is holding a bag of Blue and Buried Coffee.

Blue and Buried Coffee

Double-strong coffee that tastes like a thick slice of blueberry coffee cake, with natural flavors of blueberry jam, luscious vanilla and sweet cinnamon—behold your fully baked wake-up call.

A heavy hitter brewed hot or over ice—add cream and sugar for the full death-by-decadence experience.

Donuts or Die Mug

Keto? We say veto. Our latest Collector Mug is made for eating everyone’s share of fresh-baked donuts in the corner with copious amounts of coffee—may we recommend our limited-edition Blue and Buried Coffee—to wash them down. Delicious.

Fit for a Viking

A man wearing a Valhalla Java hoodie being kissed by a brindle pitbull.

A Vessel from the Gods

Straight from Valhalla, an all-new mug that mighty Odin will be pining over. Made with the ashes of your enemies and the gold of Odin's spear for the morning you need Viking strength. Raise your Odin Mug for powerful pours ahead...

Father's Day Gifts

A father holding a donut mug, a coffee tumbler and a box of blueberry coffee k-cups.

Dad-Approved Drinkware

A gift for you and dad—matching mason jar mugs that are perfect for cold brew life and double-fisting coffee all day long. Plus, a tumbler that’s perfect for those memorable, road-rage-fueled car rides with dad. Grab Dad a drink.

Classic Dad Jokes

If this is decaf, we're going to have a latte problems. All new classics for cool dads. Make Dad a caffeinated icon in our Classic Logo Hoodie, Zip Hoodie or Crewneck, perfect for layering. Raise a flag for the strong coffee with our Classic Logo Flag.

The Tattoo Series

A tattoo artist walking down the street with a scorpion skull Death Wish mug and a matching t-shirt.

Scorpion Skull Mug

Pick your anti-yawn antidote—that’s your Death Wish Coffee roast of choice and our newest Tattoo Series mug. Always made in the USA, our Daily Mugs are made to be day-to-day coffee containers—to fill and refill with coffee, until you die. Support art and look cool. Every mug and tee you collect from the Tattoo Series supports the artists who designed them. This mystical mug was designed by tattoo artist Emily Leung.

Scorpion Skull Tee

Style that stings. This tee lets them know you have caffeine on the cranium. And who can blame you? This Scorpion Skull Tee was designed by tattoo artist Emily Leung.

Death Moth Mug

Emerge from your highly caffeinated chrysalis, feeling fueled to conquer anything—with a mug decked out with cherries and leaves from the magical coffee plant. This Death Moth Mug was designed by tattoo artist Billy Harrigan.

Death Moth Tee

For flying above the haters, a Magical Moth Tee blissed out with coffee cherries and coffee plant leaves—perfect for swigging down Death Wish Coffee. This Death Moth Tee was designed by tattoo artist Billy Harrigan.

The Mug Resurrection

Resurrected Relic

This resurrected relic came from the dark, depths of our mug vault just in time for the 4th of July. Rocking a fresh new glaze and shape, she still stand. 

Sun’s Out, Sleeves Off

From tees to tanks, rip the sleeves off summer and look rad as hell while you do it. An all-new muscle tee and tank await. Declare your independence from decaf and its yawn-inducing tyranny with brand new tees just in time for Independence Day. Strong, independent, highly caffeinated—we raise our mugs to thee.

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