How to Celebrate Christmas in July

By Jeff Ayers — / Lifestyle

You might think that Christmas comes around once a year, but for many parts of the world, people celebrate it twice in what is known as mid-winter Christmas, or Christmas in July. Countries in the Southern Hemisphere actually have their seasons reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere, so the winter months include June, July and August. These countries still celebrate the traditional holiday season in December, but they have adopted a second celebration that occurs in their wintery month of July. This tradition has spread far and wide into other countries as well—even close to home. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Christmas in July, no matter where you live. 

A man wearing a Santa hat on a black pool float in a pool.


Drag Out Your Decorations

Each Christmas you work hard to make sure your space is decorated to the nines, but why should your decorations only see the light of day once a year? On July 1, take out the twinkle lights, the garland, and maybe even that tiny fake Christmas tree out of the deep, dark depths and deck the halls all over again. Just be careful to not go full Grinch if your lights are in a knot from when you put them away in January. Or was it March? 

Vacation with Santa

Christmas in July doesn't have to be a homespun affairtake the party somewhere tropicalmaybe the beach or the pool. There is a surprising number of Christmas-themed swimwear available , or you could go full Kris Kringle and cosplay as Santa, Mrs. Claus or an elf who just so happens to be on summer vacation. Pro tip: Pool noodles can double as giant candy canes with a little decorating.

Let It Snow

Snow might be a distant memory in July depending on where you live, but you can relive the frigid fun in  different ways. You could build a snowman out of polystyrene balls you can find at your local craft shop. Or go even further into DIY territory and have a snowball fight with crumpled up pieces of white construction paper. (Bonus points if you want to wet the paper balls down and put them in the freezer.) 

Christmas Treats

Christmas in July can mean Christmas cookies—because why wouldn't you want a tray of delicious, sugary shortbread to go along with your summer fun. Your gingerbread people could be decorated for a day at the beach instead of a winter wonderland. In fact, pair the sweets with some refreshing cocktails that have a Christmas theme, like this Grinch- inspired punch recipe from Southern Living, or even go with a classic Sno-Cone. 

Water Sledding

This one can be considered a "proceed at your own risk" idea: How about some summer sledding fun? All you need is a large hill, a few industrial-size tarps and some soap and water. Take a run at your makeshift summer sledding hill with your favorite inner tube and you could be slipping and sliding without the icy, cold snow getting in your way.  

Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Pick out some Christmas favorites, make some holiday-themed drinks and snacks, and prepare to be a little nostalgic for winter and snow-covered settings. You could ramp up the fun by setting up a projector outside for a makeshift movie theater and string up Christmas lights for the perfect ambience. Also, this would be the perfect time to have a Christmas in July gift exchangebecause who doesn't want more presents? 

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