Game On: Celebrate National Video Game Day

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National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day is a time to celebrate not only the current game you might be playing, but also the favorites that you have enjoyed throughout the years. So plug in, boot up and game on all day longand stay up throughout the night with a steady intake of Death Wish Coffee.

The Arcade Era

I like to think back on what got me into video games in the first place. As a product of the 1980s, I vividly remember scraping together every quarter I could find and spending hours in the local arcade. My favorite games at the time were the classics like Pac-Man, but I also remember when newer titles started to crop up in arcades and the lines that would form waiting to play them. Newly released Mortal Kombat, for example, inspired impromptu arcade tournaments, as one local kid would hold court for hours and decimate every contender that put quarters on the console to hold their place next.  

Arcades were a great place to make quick friends for the day, especially with multiplayer games like the massive four-player X-Men console. It was always better to fight the legions of Magneto's henchman with a full X-Men team, and sometimes instant friendships were forged by enticing someone to join in with the stipulation they get to play as fan-favorite Wolverine. 

(Mevery excited on Christmas Morning, 1980-something.) 

Sweet Victory

My time spent at arcades in my childhood naturally bled into my continued love of video games on home consoles. I'll never forget getting my first Nintendo Entertainment System and booting it up on Christmas morning to hear the first sounds of Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. To this day, I still enjoy video games of all kinds, playing favorites and classics on my XBox, as well as handheld games on my phone. 

So celebrate National Video Game Day on September 12—and every day—thinking back on how you might have gotten into gaming and what keeps you plugging in. Show the world your love of games by getting some of our exclusive video game inspired merchandise, including our Level Up T-Shirt, our gaming mousepad and more! 

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