Cosmic Latte: The Color of the Universe

By Jeff Ayers — / Lifestyle

Coffee might be the best drink in the universe, and scientists have agreed that coffee is also the color of the universe. In 2002, a team of astronomers from John Hopkins University took a survey of the light from 200,000 galaxies and initially reported the average color to be a greenish white.  



In 2003, however, the data was reexamined, and the average color spectrum of the galaxy was determined to be a beige-white color. Determining the average color of the universe was not the reason behind the studyastronomers were using spectral analysis to gather data on the formation of stars. As the light from distant galaxies reaches Earth, the average color leans more towards off-white because when stars are younger, they emit bluer color spectrums.


(The average color of the universe)

The astronomers were not happy calling the average color of the universe "beige" because of how boring that sounds, so they put out a request among their peers to rename the color. A handful of submissions were considered, but the scientific community loved "cosmic latte." Latte means in "milk" in Italian, the language of the famed astronomer Galileo, and also connects back to our own galaxies, the Milky Way. The astronomers settled on "cosmic latte" to describe the average color of the universe because they were "caffeine biased," which is quite all right in our book. If you want to feel like you're floating in your own "cosmic latte," why not try our brand new product, the World's Strongest Latte.

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