Coffee drinkers never age... sort of

By Death Wish Coffee — / Lifestyle

Aside from giving you energy, and having amazing health benefits, coffee has one other side-effect that you may not know about: anti-aging. That's right, according to recent studies, coffee will basically turn you into a vampire (at least Death Wish Coffee will). 

TIME is reporting on a study conducted in 2016 that found, "the more caffeine people consumed, the more protected they were against a chronic state of inflammation.” This is important because, as people age, inflammation tends to increase, and therefore decrease it will reduce signs of aging. The study took a group of 100 young and old people and compared their blood samples. They found that among the older people, the ones who drank five cups of coffee everyday "showed extremely low levels of activity in the inflammatory gene pathway." 

So there you have it, five cups of Death Wish a day will keep the Crypt Keeper in your mirror away.   

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