6 Things You Won't Believe are Made out of Coffee

By Teah Teriele — / Lifestyle

We all know that coffee can be used as an exfoliate or as compost in your garden, but what are the experts making out of coffee?

1. Coffee Flour (caffeinated!)

Imagine if you could bake with caffeinated flour? You may be able to soon with CoffeeFlour- sourced from coffee cherries boasting 5x more fiber than whole grain flour and 84% less fat than coconut flour. It's still in testing mode, but we'll let everyone know when it's available.


2. Some seriously impressive artwork

Just a couple of the beautiful pieces by artist Mia Aris. Go ahead and follow her in Instagram for some seriously stunning work, all done in coffee!


3. Stylish Lamp out of a Moka Pot

Okay, so this one isn't made out of coffee, but a coffee maker. That doesn't take away from how sweet it is. Rosa Montesa of The Reuse Factory shows you exactly how to make one here.


4. A (literal)Cup of Coffee

Julian Lechner's Kaffeform Espresso Cups are made out of coffee grounds, alongside a few other natural materials like wood and natural glues. More interesting is that it's actually dishwasher safe.


 5. Fine Jewelry

Çurface is a unique material made from recycled coffee grounds collected in London. Rosalie McMillan uses Curface and other fine materials like silver and gold to create beautiful, fine jewelry. 


6. Actual Furniture 

Created with a hybrid material made up of 60% used coffee grounds, this chair and table was made from the same material as the jewelry above (via Greencup).


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