2021 Holiday Mug Madness

By Megan Dority — / Lifestyle

[Updated on 12.24.21]

While the mug madness may be over, you can always find your favorite mugs on our website. For early access to future limited releases, join the Society of Strong Coffee. 

10 Days of Mug Giveaways

It's here—10 days of mug giveaways begins NOW—with some of our rarest mugs from the crypt. From fan favorites, to never released styles. . .even beloved mugs from our own personal collections that we can’t believe we’re giving away. Blame it on the holiday spirit…

How Do You Win a Mug?

Each day you make a purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to win one of these highly collectible mugs. The more orders you make, the more entries you get. We’ll reveal each day which mug the Grim Reaper will be gifting you lucky souls. Stay in the loop and get 15% off orders when you text 91745.

The First Day of Deathmas


On the first day of Deathmas my true love gave to me an ultra-rare Nosferatu Golden Ticket Mug. Inspired by the timeless lore of Nosferatu the Vampire, our version sucks the life right out of decaf drinkers—leaving them thirsty for the lifeblood of Death Wish Coffee. Only 15 of these epic Nosferatu Golden Ticket Mugs ever created—one lucky winner will get their claws on the very last one.


A Nosferatu mug with black + olive glaze sitting on a stoop.

The Second Day of Deathmas


On the second day of Deathmas my true love gave to me a never before released Cupping Mug Set. Designed for our Master Roaster who carefully creates all our magical coffee roasts like a gosh darn wizard. These cups are perfect for acting like a coffee snob—even if you aren’t one. Only one person will win this cupping set. Ideal for tasting + testing the World’s Strongest Coffee. Trust us—you'll want this set for sipping on what's coming in 2022 (wink, wink).


A cupping mug set with the Death Wish Coffee logo on the front.

The Third Day of Deathmas


On the third day of Deathmas my true love gave to me one of the most coveted mugs ever made in the history of Death Wish Coffee: the Nevermore Mug. A nod to Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven,” this raven-adorned tankard will guide you through the holidays, 2022 and beyond. Place an order today and one lucky winner will have the chance to get their raven claws on one more of the Nevermore Mug.


 A mug with an emblem of a crow sitting on a skull and candles lit around the mug.

The Fourth Day of Deathmas


On the fourth day of Deathmas my true love spoiled me with the opportunity to get more than one thing. That’s right…we’re feeling generous. We jumped the gun this year, and we’re releasing our annual 2022 Mug early so you can have it in time to celebrate another year dead and gone. In a shape never before released and inspired by an urn—this mug was made for the ashes of your enemies.

A black and red glazed coffee mug with the Death Wish Coffee logo in the center.

BONUS: If you buy the 2022 Mug (or anything on our website) you could win the one-of-a-kind prototype Urn Mug. WTF does that mean? It means that it’s the only mug of its kind in existence. We snagged it straight off the pottery wheel before we slapped on the devilish black + red 2022 glaze. We’re ready to give it to one lucky—angelic winner. Winter whites, am I right? 


A glossy white coffee mug shaped like an Urn with the Death Wish Coffee logo in the center.

The Fifth Day of Deathmas


On the fifth day of Deathmas my true love gave to me the luck of the Irish…that is if you make a purchase today. We stumbled upon a lucky pot of gold while we we’re digging out the holiday decorations and found one very special Golden Ticket Mug. A cult-classic St. Paddy’s design made in collaboration with Celtic punk-rock band, the Dropkick Murphys. 

Test your luck and you might just win this collectible, rare AF, extra roomy Snake + Skull Tankard that we made with our good ole pals, the Dropkick Murphys.  


A lime green mug with snake and skulls emblem for Dropkick Murphys.

The Sixth Day of Deathmas


On the sixth day of Deathmas my true love gave to me a cryptid animal creature and a gift card. With only a minimal number of days left to get your holiday shopping done—we wanted to let you in on a little secret: gift cards don’t suck. 

In fact, most people prefer receiving a gift card over that gift you gave them ten years ago that remains in the deep, dark depths of their closet. Give them what they really want this season: a digital gift card. There’s no waiting, no guessing, no shipping and no hassle. Make a purchase today and the Sasquatch Golden Ticket Mug could come stomping to your doorstep. Because mythic beasts and mugs of coffee go hand-in-hand. 


A Death Wish Digital Gift Card.

The Seventh Day of Deathmas


On the seventh day of Deathmas my true love gave to me roses that never wilt. Inspired by our die-hard love of ink and desperate need of coffee breaks, this handmade mug is one of a kind and perfect for crushing Mondays.  

Lightning bolts and tattoo-style roses symbolize our eternal love for the World’s Strongest Coffee: our mother functioning fuel. Shop for the mother functioners in your life and you may just win this highly sought-after, mother of all Golden Tickets, the Mother Functioner Mug. 

A blush pink Death Wish Coffee mug with a rose tattoo design on the front.

And since mother functioners are usually flying faster than a bat out of hell, we’re bringing  back our Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee just in time to get your sh*t together. Perfect for brewing a mean cup of coffee—anytime, anywhere. This mini arsenal of pouches was made to deliver Death Wish Coffee and destroy moments of weakness—mother functioners approved. 


A single-serve pour over pouch sitting in a black and red coffee mug.

The Eighth Day of Deathmas

On the eighth day of Deathmas my true love gave to me a mug for Bold Souls Only. Kick the new year off into full blast with this one-of-a-kind (literally only one) Go for Bold Mug. Inspired by our bada*s caffeinds who drink the good stuff to fuel their passions, whether that be running a marathon, staying awake during their nightshift or just simply getting through the bullsh*t of life. Go for Bold and crush all your resolutions to infinity and beyond. 


A black glazed mug with orange trim with a Death Wish Coffee emblem in the center.

The Ninth Day of Deathmas


On the ninth day of Deathmas my true love gave to a one-of-a-kind mug and sugar skull set. Originally released in 2014 and only 1,000 ever made—we’re giving away this highly collectible set from our treasure trove. 


A black Death Wish Coffee mug and a sugar bowl with a skeleton shaped silver spoon.

The Tenth Day of Deathmas


On the tenth day of Deathmas my true love gave to me Jack Frost—just in time for the long winter ahead. He’s nipping at your nose. You can feel it in your toes! A shiver and a tear lets you know Jack Frost is here. As winter fiercely approaches, frosting over windows and tree branches and commanding snow and ice storms—somehow our frozen hearts melted just a little bit. Any purchase made today will have the opportunity to win the ultra-rare collectible Jack Frost Mug or the Jack Frost Golden Ticket Mug. Talk about a match made in the arctic tundra. Don’t let this opportunity melt away! 


A light blue mug with a Jack Frost emblem in the center.

Grim Reaper Pro Tip: Prize orders will be shipped separately. Each opportunity to participate in the daily mug madness expires at 11:59 p.m. EST. Also, sh*t is crazy out there—shipping not guaranteed by 12/25. Read our full terms + conditions. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases by texting 91745, triple-checking that your email doesn't end up in spam and checking back here for the remaining days of our mug madness! Better yet, join the Society of Strong Coffee for early access on future limited releases.

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