You'll never put sugar in your coffee again after reading this

By Teah Teriele — / Coffee Talk

Should I put sugar in my coffee?

Do you love sweet coffee, but hate the idea of using so much sugar? A lot of people don't actually realize how much of it they consume daily, especially those that drink sweetened coffee. Here are a few tips to help you cut it out.

1. Realize how gross it is

It's processed through animal bones to produce that desirable, bleach-white color.

An animal skull sitting on a fallen tree shot in black and white.

"When it gets harvested from the cane, sugar is brown. Since brown food is aesthetically less pleasing, it is often turned white. Some companies bleach the bones of cows and then burn them into 'bone char,' which is added to brown cane sugar to make it white. Usually, sugar companies don’t list whether they use bone char or less disgusting methods." -Distractify

2. Accept what it does to your body

Not only is sugar fattening, it tricks you into thinking that you're hungrier than you actually are.

A hungry baby eating cake face first.

"Eating too much added sugar allows the fructose found in sugar and high-fructose corn syrup to send your hunger hormones into a tailspin. The hormonal messages that tell your brain you're full aren't properly triggered, tricking your system into thinking you haven't eaten, Dr. Lustig explains." -Rodalenews

3. Understand how easy it is to drink black coffee 

Aside from the health benefits, black coffee is just better.

A black table with a hand reaching for a mug of black coffee and a bag of Death Wish Dark Roast coffee.

After just a couple of weeks, your taste buds change completely. Drinking coffee black is the only way to detect the natural notes in different coffee varietals.

If you need to wean off sugar:

Always taste your coffee before adding sugar. Taste the coffee after you add small increments at a time. Doing this will automatically decrease the amount of sugar you add. Good luck — you've got this.

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