New Bag, Same Beans: Unveiling a New Coffee Bag

By Megan Dority — / Coffee Talk

Most basic brews equate "strong" with "high caffeine." And that's cool... But do you also care about flavor and the quality of the beans? We sure do.

World-class bean selection, careful blending for ratios and a roasting process driven by perfectionistic standards—that is our foundation. All our beans are Fair Trade and Organic Certified to ensure that the planet and the people who farm our coffee are sustained by working with us. We know The Shins said, “Caring is Creepy,” but we care...

We also care about the bag the beans come in, so we updated our original Dark Roast packaging. The look is new—and even bolder than before—but still holds the same beans. It’s our OG roast that has been keeping you highly caffeinated since 2012. Since we don’t like to waste a thing, you may see the former version of the bag when you buy just until we use up our stock—it’s sustainable. And vintage!  

Death Wish Coffee's new Dark Roast bag.

Our Original Dark Roast—Hello Darkness, Our Old Friend 

  • Nicknames: OG Roast, Original Roast, Dark Roast.
  • Beans: Robusta and Arabica sourced from India and Peru.  
  • Color: Super dark brown, almost black. 
  • Caffeine: Double the strength of an average cup of joe—just like our medium roast. 
  • Acidity: Low acid. Low bitterness. 
  • Flavor: Deep, rich flavors of black cherry and dark chocolate throughout.  

Now let’s talk about our latest roast. Based on what our coffee-drinking community told us, we concocted something new. We made a Medium Roast that’s strong enough to stand up to our Dark Roast but with a slightly lighter, more complex flavor profile. That’s how our second roast, our Medium Roast, was  born—out  of the fiery pits of our roaster and into your mug. 

Death Wish Coffee's newest Medium Roast.

Our Newest Medium Roast—A Lighter Shade of Bold 

  • Nicknames: Medium Roast, A Lighter Shade of Bold.
  • Beans: Robusta, Arabica and Yirgacheffee. Grown at higher altitudes in Ethiopia, India and Peru. 
  • Color: A shade or two lighter than our original Dark Roast blend. 
  • Caffeine: Double the strength of an average cup of joe—just like our Dark Roast.
  • Acidity: Low acid. Low bitterness.
  • Flavor: Notes of stone fruit, hints of caramel and roasted peanuts with a finish of smooth milk chocolate.  

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