How to Make Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee

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What is Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee?

Let's face it, hotel coffee sucks. When you’re on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ll get your next caffeine fix. Thanks to our Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee Pouches—sh*tty coffee on the road is a thing of the past.

Single-serve, pre-measured pouches of Death Wish Coffee. Perfect for brewing a mean cup of pour over—anytime, anywhere. Just powerful, real coffee—no BS. Sourced from the highest quality USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee beans to support the livelihood of coffee farmers and sustainability for the planet

This mini-arsenal of pouches was made to deliver Death Wish Coffee and destroy moments of weakness—weak coffee weakness. Built for long road trips, camping excursions, hotel room life and avoiding office small talk entirely, our single-use pour over coffee provides the elixir of life while you're on the move. Just add hot water. 

Two hands placing the single-serve pour over pouch into the top of a red and black mug.

How to Brew Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee

  1. Carefully tear open brew pouch along the dotted line.
  2. Place pouch on mug. Unfold flaps along the perforated lines to ensure it stays secure on mug.
  3. Slowly pour hot water over grounds. For maximum flavor, use no more than 8 ounces of hot water.
  4. Allow pouch to drain and dispose. Each pouch is for single-use only and 100% recyclable. Mugs up for the planet. 
  5. Confidently sip on the elixir of life—you're about to get sh*t done. 

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