Pumpkin Chai Coffee Ingredients: Black Peppercorn

By Shannon Sweeney — / Coffee Talk

Health Benefits of Black Peppercorn 

Fresh black peppercorn is the true King of Spices. Think about it—there's nothing more delicious than adding fresh cracked pepper over anything and everything, giving it that mouthwatering taste that's to die for. So it's only natural that we add it into our cauldron for our pumpkin to give it that extra spicy kick.

For our Pumpkin Chai Coffee, we take spices from around the world such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, and simmer them for about 12 hours—this extracts the best taste out of the fresh, whole black peppercorn. Then, we mix the batch of chai with unroasted coffee beans and let them age for 10 to12 days. Once the beans are dry enough to roast, we finish off the potion with our signature Death Wish Coffee roasting process

All of our ingredients are added fresh, unlike other pumpkin spice coffees that use tons of artificial ingredients. 

To celebrate each unique, fresh ingredient we toss in our cauldron, we wanted to explore the health benefits of each and how it's used in foods around the world. I mean, who would’ve thought whole black peppercorn would be a key ingredient in our pumpkin coffee?

What are the health benefits of black peppercorn? 

Peppercorn comes from a trailing, woody vine in tropical climates. After a few years, it has tiny, white blossoms that eventually become berries known as peppercorns. For black peppercorns, the berries are picked before they're completely mature and turn dark when dried.

Black peppercorn contains essential oils like piperine, which gives it its bold taste and spice, as well as monoterpenes sabinene, pinene, terpenene, limonene and mercene, which give this spice its aromatic qualities.

Black peppercorn has been found to enhance digestive tract functions, and it helps us absorb betacarotenes, selenium and B-vitamins. Another study found that black pepper contains ant-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and fever-reducing properties, as well as immune system-enhancing properties. 

This is why fresh, whole black peppercorn is so important for our pumpkin coffee—it gives it an amazing taste, and it's good for you, too. You can get your hands on Pumpkin Chai Coffee for a limited only.

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